Flow Router - can't get the slug to retrieve relevant data

Hello dear Meteoristas!

I have asked the same question on Stackoverflow as well but thought good idea to ask here too. Cause I didn’t get an answer yet.

Any help would be very appreciated…

I’m trying to implement a basic route using Flow Router. But no matter what _id of a collection document I request; I always only get the info about the first document in my collection - ‘Requests’.

So here’s my route definition in the file /lib/routes.js:

FlowRouter.route('/requests/:reqId', {  
  subscriptions: function (params, queryParams) {
    this.register('theRequest', Meteor.subscribe('singleRequest', params.reqId));
  action: function (params, queryParams) {
    FlowLayout.render('layout', { aside: 'aside', main: 'singleRequest' });
    console.log("Yeah! We are on the post:", params.reqId);
  name: 'aRequest'

Here’s my helper:

    getRequest: function () {
        return Requests.findOne();

Here’s my server publish:

Meteor.publish('singleRequest', function (reqId) {  
    return Requests.find({ _id: reqId});

And here’s the template:

<template name="singleRequest">  
  {{#if isSubReady 'theRequest'}}
    {{#with getRequest}}

What am I doing wrong?
Note: In the console, I do see right ‘reqId’ slug due to the console.log command in the route definition. But I do not see the relevant info for the document which it belongs to. I’m guessing the reason is that the slug - reqId doesn’t reach the server??


You should be using either Request.findOne() and {{#with}} or Request.find() and {{#each}}. I haven’t tried this recently but I remember running into the same issue and I have kept to this pattern since then. findOne return an object but find returns a cursor (even if you only have 1 object in there) and this is throwing off {{#with}}

What happens when you check in your console if the requested (subscribed) document is there?

Nothing. It only shows the relevant and actually required document that I’d like to see on the page. Because I have this on the route definition:

console.log("Yeah! We are on the post:", params.reqId);

The problem, therefore is on the server side not being able to fetch the right document I’m guessing…

Thanks Valentin. I have tried it already before but it doesn’t work that way either… - with Requests.fineOne() It doesn’t return anything… :confused:

So Requests.find().fetch() in the browser console shows only one document? What if you connect to the shell and run the command in the subscription on the server?


meteor shell
> Requests.find({_id: <one of your IDs>}).fetch()

Thanks jamgold! I think, with the help of you as well, I found the problem. The thing is that I have another subscription that I have which returns all the requests to the user that is logged in. And because user is already subscribed to that and in the helper it’s not defined which _id; of course the server returns the 1st document _id that user subscribed from the other subscription.

Hmmm, now I think I can form the logic better and subscribe to previous subscription and it should be fine!

Thanks guys! :smile: