Flow Router group enter/exit for stylesheet splitting

I’m using Flow Router (and my fork of flow-db-admin), and would like to have it load bootstrap only for the “admin” group routes using kadira:dochead. It appears however that the triggers (triggerEnter and triggerExit) fire on every route change, rather than only when entering and leaving the group.

Are there a group enter/exit triggers? That would make route specific stylesheet loading and unloading much easier and prettier, without the ugly flash of unstyled content I’m getting with my current method (removing and then adding on very route change).

Also, it doesn’t look like there is a way to know whether you are leaving the group in triggersExit - unless I’m missing something, the context object is the old route. Is there a way to see to where you are going in triggersExit?

Additionally, DocHead doesn’t have a great way to unload just a single link, but instead requires you to unload everything. I’ll see about making a PR to add the functionality.