Flow Router Help


I would like too display the tasks list when i click on a category but the tasks aren’t showing up. It works when i manually input it as {{>tasksPage}} but not when i set { ‘category’ : ‘tasksPage’ }.

This is the repo: https://github.com/YangChowRice/Meteor-1.3-Todo-List/tree/My-Meteor-Todo-List

I am using the architecture that MDG released with the 1.3 release. Any other comments and criticisms are welcome!

First off, it’s quite hard to help you if you don’t provide some context. Posting a repo is nice, but who has time to dig through all of this? I even tried to do a full search in Github based on your code snippets, but could not find them. I’d recommend that you just post the most relevant code here.

So I can only guess that by

you mean a JavaScript helper code, because a single brace wouldn’t be valid code for a template helper?

If I am right, you would have to modify this in two ways:

  1. Replace the helper by {{> Template.dynamic template=category }}

  2. Change the helper to:

category: () => {
  return 'taskPage';

Thank you for replying! I have tried your method but sadly it isn’t working :frowning: My routes are in imports/startup/routes.js and the template i’m using for the lists and tasks page is imports/ui/todos.html. I essentially want to see the tasksPage when i click a single category in listsPage. Sorry for the late reply! Hope you still have the time to help me as I can’t figure out why it won’t work. I’ve been at it all day yesterday and today. It seems pretty right from the flow router docs and in a youtube tutorial that implemented it.