Flow router is not working as expected while page refresh

Hello, In my app, there are currently three routes (like myDesign, setting, help). when I login (using accounts-ui), myDesign route is working but
when I go to setting or help route, and then refresh a page, again myDesign route is rendered .
Here is the code sample I am using when an user login successfully (via
accounts-ui) …


FlowRouter.route('/myDesign', {
    name: 'myDesign',
    action() {
        mount(Home, {
            main: ,

what I want is that, when I refresh a page only that page is render. For example When I refresh a page rendered on help route, then only help route page should be rendered not page at myDesign route.

Any clue or solution for this issue ? Answers are greatly appreciated.


Hello, do you have your onLogin event wrapped in a specific template onRendered/onCreated method?

It’s quite possible if you do not that it could be causing the redirect on refresh.

Every time you refresh the page you trigger all the app logic. More over it logging you again and then your Accounts.onLogin and FlowRouter.go are calling.

As far as I understand your case you need to show myDesign page only once after user is logged with login form. So you have not to use accounts-ui and do it manually. Just create a simple form w user and password/ When user submits the form you should log him with:

Meteor.loginWithPassword(username, password, (err) => {
  if (!err) {