Flow router problem

Hi, I tried a mini flowrouter example, but I guess I miss something . I tried to follow this guide: http://massimilianomarini.com/flowrouter-and-flowlayout-101/ but my place is not loading at all.

On console, I can see it:
Places.findOne('laktato') Object {_id: "laktato", name: "Laktató ételbár"}

But if I visit http://localhost:3000/places/laktato I see “loading”

My repo is here: https://bitbucket.org/pihentagy/lunchplaces

Added meteorpad: http://meteorpad.com/pad/dWspYqk23rLYcmn3D/Leaderboard

I think you have to use http://docs.meteor.com/#/full/Blaze-TemplateInstance-subscribe for Template.subscriptionReady to work

Argh, there was a typo in Template.subscriptionsReady

Okay, how can I get syntax check for such errors?