Flow Router: Public files don't get served until dev server restarts for the first time

Hi everyone,
since Flow-Router’s repository seems pretty much abandoned, I won’t post another issue on this but rather turn to you guys for help:

I have a simple app that uses Flow-Router. In my public directory, there are some files that I’d like to be served. This seems to work always when running meteor without flow router. However, when I start the dev server with my route definitions, the static files are not served at all and result in a 404 no matter how many times I clear the cache and refresh. I have to edit some file to trigger a server restart before it works as expected.

Is there something I can do to debug what’s going on? Serving public files is supposed to work out of the box with flow router, right?

Here’s my routes.js:

import { FlowRouter } from 'meteor/kadira:flow-router';
import { BlazeLayout } from 'meteor/kadira:blaze-layout';

import '../../ui/layouts/app-body.js';
import '../../ui/pages/index-page.html';
import '../../ui/layouts/not-found-body.html'

FlowRouter.route('/', {
  name: 'home',
  action() {
    BlazeLayout.render('appBody', { main: 'indexPage' });

// ...
// Two more basic routes that have nothing to with /public or similar
// ...

FlowRouter.notFound = {
  action() {

Other info: The routes are defined similarly to the newest TODO example in /imports/startup/client/routes.js and get imported early on the client-side.

I’ve used Meteor 1.5 but just upgraded to 1.6-rc.5 and the issue still persists.

Update: I’ve realized the problem always comes up on the initial server start. Once I edit a file and the server reloads, everything is fine. I edited the post accordingly.