Flow Router Seo W/ Spiderable


I am currently building a listing application that needs to grab quite a bit of SEO value. After looking at the different routing packages I couldn’t seem to find one that delivered templates from the server. So I ended up reverting to Flow Router.

The project requires dynamic queries that can be clicked on to provide more content about that query (much like a blog). Since Flow Router currently only serves the templates via the client, I ran into this package https://github.com/tomwasd/flow-router-seo , which seems promising. I just want to make sure I understand it correctly OR if there is a better solution to fit my need.

Since all listings will be returned via a publication, I am assuming this will do the job in helping web crawlers index this information.


You can use Prerender to help with SEO.


Hey thanks for the reply, unfortunately this is a client site and it of all things it is a yacht listing site. So it could grow to pretty large. I can’t really stick the cost on the client once prerender maxes out the free tier.


You can set up your own prerender server. Or get it for free if using galaxy hosting.

I’d probably just pay the prerender guys 10 dollars a month or whatever it is to get a simple and recommended seo solution. It’s not going to be a very big bill. But you can make your own business decisions.