FlowRouter + FlowComponents + FlowLayout Examples?

I was just wondering, is anyone using these three MeteorHacks projects together, on a project that they’d be happy to demonstrate how they all fit-together (much like @luisherranz has done with Flux)?

In principle I like the ideas behind each of them but I’d like to see some discussion & thought go into the structuring and best practices before I could even consider switching over to them.

We’ve couple of users using FlowRouter + FlowLayout. There are experiments with using React also.

We are not yet confidence to release and ask everyone to use FlowComponents.

Some samples: https://github.com/flow-examples/

We’ll add more.

If anyone have any sample project, let me know. It’ll put it here.


I tried using FlowRouter and FlowLayout but I’m not sure what the correct way is to pass and use data. Is this how?

FlowRouter.route('/list/:listId', {
  action: function(params) {
    FlowLayout.render("list",  Lists.findOne(params.listId));

But then, how do you get the list in the template events? Using FlowRouter.current() only provides access to the params (in my case, listId).