FlowRouter no longer working after Meteor + React deployment using Mupx


I have a Meteor + React app that works fine locally. I’ve tested using the --production flag and there are no issues.

Once I use mupx to deploy to my server, the deployment is successful but when I go to the deployed app it throws “There is no route for the path: /”.

My routes.js file is located in the client directory.


Anything in the logs?

mupx logs -f


npm WARN deprecated This version of npm lacks support for important features,
npm WARN deprecated such as scoped packages, offered by the primary npm
npm WARN deprecated registry. Consider upgrading to at least npm@2, if not the
npm WARN deprecated latest stable version. To upgrade to npm@2, run:
npm WARN deprecated
npm WARN deprecated npm -g install npm@latest-2
npm WARN deprecated
npm WARN deprecated To upgrade to the latest stable version, run:
npm WARN deprecated
npm WARN deprecated npm -g install npm@latest
npm WARN deprecated
npm WARN deprecated (Depending on how Node.js was installed on your system, you
npm WARN deprecated may need to prefix the preceding commands with sudo, or if
npm WARN deprecated on Windows, run them from an Administrator prompt.)
npm WARN deprecated
npm WARN deprecated If you’re running the version of npm bundled with
npm WARN deprecated Node.js 0.10 LTS, be aware that the next version of 0.10 LTS
npm WARN deprecated will be bundled with a version of npm@2, which has some small
npm WARN deprecated backwards-incompatible changes made to npm run-script and
npm WARN deprecated semver behavior.
npm WARN package.json meteor-dev-bundle@0.0.0 No description
npm WARN package.json meteor-dev-bundle@0.0.0 No repository field.
npm WARN package.json meteor-dev-bundle@0.0.0 No README data

fibers@1.0.8 install /bundle/bundle/programs/server/node_modules/fibers
node build.js || nodejs build.js

make: Entering directory /bundle/bundle/programs/server/node_modules/fibers/build' CXX(target) Release/obj.target/fibers/src/fibers.o CXX(target) Release/obj.target/fibers/src/coroutine.o CC(target) Release/obj.target/fibers/src/libcoro/coro.o SOLINK_MODULE(target) Release/obj.target/fibers.node SOLINK_MODULE(target) Release/obj.target/fibers.node: Finished COPY Release/fibers.node make: Leaving directory/bundle/bundle/programs/server/node_modules/fibers/build’
Installed in /bundle/bundle/programs/server/node_modules/fibers/bin/linux-x64-v8-3.14/fibers.node
npm WARN cannot run in wd meteor-dev-bundle@0.0.0 node npm-rebuild.js (wd=/bundle/bundle/programs/server)
ansi-regex@0.2.1 node_modules/ansi-regex

ansi-styles@1.1.0 node_modules/ansi-styles

escape-string-regexp@1.0.5 node_modules/escape-string-regexp

chalk@0.5.1 node_modules/chalk

has-ansi@0.1.0 node_modules/has-ansi

strip-ansi@0.3.0 node_modules/strip-ansi

supports-color@0.2.0 node_modules/supports-color

eachline@2.3.3 node_modules/eachline

type-of@2.0.1 node_modules/type-of

amdefine@1.0.0 node_modules/amdefine

asap@2.0.3 node_modules/asap

underscore@1.5.2 node_modules/underscore

meteor-promise@0.5.1 node_modules/meteor-promise

promise@7.0.4 node_modules/promise

source-map-support@0.3.2 node_modules/source-map-support

semver@4.1.0 node_modules/semver

source-map@0.1.32 node_modules/source-map

fibers@1.0.8 node_modules/fibers
=> Starting meteor app on port:80


There was nothing I noticed in the logs that would be causing this issue.