Flowrouter no response on valid link

I’m using this route /course/:id/chapter/:idchap to render my template.
But data is not updated when i open the link when the current url is matching the flowrouter pattern.

for example :
current url : /course/1234/summary
contains a list of links like:


All links work fine.

But when the current url is : /course/1234/chapter/1
and the page contains a link /course/1234/chapter/2,
the page doesnt react when i click them.

All the other links matching different patterns work within the page current page.

Here is my flowroute code:

FlowRouter.route('/course/:id/chapitre/:idchap', {
    name: 'by chapitre id',
    action(params) {
      BlazeLayout.render('bychapterid', {params: params})

if i copy/paste the exact same link in the browser and press enter, the link opens.
but when i click from the page, i get no reaction.

Adding a target="_self" to the href solves the problem somehow, but not very elegantly as the page refresh with some white background blink.

You probably need to tell FlowRouter to watch path changes in the template bychapterid

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Thank you!

The solution was to use FlowRouter.getParam(“id”) fo fetch the id.