FlowRouter not working after "upgrade" 1.10.2 > 2.7.2

I have an existing app at v1.10.2, routing works great. Upgrading in place is rife with errors, issues, so instead I created a new app at I think 2.4, updated to 2.7.2 then began slowly moving over files and adding packages that I had in the 1.10.2 app. I can’t use kadira:flow-router (which is what’s installed in the 1.10 app) since it’s deprecated, so installed ostrio:flow-router-extra.

But routing is not working. The initial error is “No such template” on the {{> Header}}. I can force it by importing in main.js but then need to do this for every template. A quick attempt at using getRouteName() only yielded ‘undefined’. So I assume I haven’t setup FlowRouter correctly. Bad assumption?

I did add:

import { FlowRouter } from ‘meteor/ostrio:flow-router-extra’;
import { BlazeLayout } from ‘meteor/kadira:blaze-layout’;

to routes.js which is in a ‘lib’ folder at the same level as ‘client’ (where all pages/templates reside) and ‘server’.

Am I missing some key configuration difference in using ostrio flow-router-extra in 2.x vs. kadira flow-router in 1.10?

5 days and no replies, lots of troubleshooting later and eventually find the best option was to create the new app using --bare, adding in the packages more or less one by one and then by existing file system worked.

Tried using the --full file system but found it was going to be extremely tedious and not sure what the payoff is?