FlowRouter special characters encoding?

A perfectionist inside me wants to have proper commas in url (and not ‘%2C’ as they are shown now), but FlowRouter seem to have an issue with it (https://github.com/kadirahq/flow-router/issues/599).

Any ideas or a workaround here?

what I did is following:

import { s } from 'meteor/underscorestring:underscore.string';

and after FlowRouter has updated…

const newUrl = s.replaceAll(history.state.path, '%2C', ',');
history.replaceState('', '', newUrl);

Well… not very nice but works…

P.S. Seeing how many open issues the FlowRouter still has, and not hearing anything from @arunoda over last couple of months, I wonder if FlowRouter is still maintained at all… :confused:

This is more correct (correctly handles back/forward browser buttons):

  const newState = history.state;
  newState.path = s.replaceAll(newState.path, '%2C', ',');
  history.replaceState(newState, '', newState.path);