FlowRouter - why aren't groups working?

App is using up-to-date meteor and Kadira FlowRouter with Blaze Layouts.

I copied this directly from the FlowRouter docs and changed their “adminSection” to my “blogDir” in my routes.js.

var blogDir = FlowRouter.group({
  prefix: "/blog"

blogDir.route('/', {
  action: function() {
    console.log('here is a blog post');

When I go to http://localhost:3000/blog/my-great-post, there is no console message. Why?

This ALSO does not produce a console message at http://localhost:3000/blog/my-great-post. Why?

var blogDir = FlowRouter.group({
  prefix: '/blog',
  name: 'blog',
  triggersEnter: [function(context, redirect) {
    console.log('here is a blog post message from route group definition');

It is not match the blogDir route.

your blogDir route path is / so it match http://localhost:3000/blog/ but not http://localhost:3000/blog/my-great-post .

Might be you can change your route to using param, ex /:post-title. So it will match your url.

Read the docs please : https://github.com/kadirahq/flow-router

And because FlowRouter use path-to-regExp you should read the docs too : https://github.com/pillarjs/path-to-regexp

And test your route here : https://github.com/pillarjs/path-to-regexp

I will do that.

I did read the Kadira docs, but sometimes they are too brief. It seemed from their examples that to apply a function or action to a directory, it was only necessary to define the prefix, which I did.

Thank you for your reply!