FlowRouterMeta is not a constructor (error)


Hey guys,

I am setting up ostrio:flow-router-meta on my app, but am facing this error message:
TypeError: FlowRouterMeta is not a constructor

I am just following what the documentation says… in my routes file (in /lib), after importing FlowRouterMeta and FlowRouterTitle from ‘meteor/ostrio:flow-router-meta’ and declaring all the routes, I write:

new FlowRouterMeta(FlowRouter);
new FlowRouterTitle(FlowRouter);

Any idea what to do? Thanks!

Note: I am using Blaze, not React.


Most likely you are trying this on the server, both packages only work client side, so I guess wrapping this into Meteor.isClient will help.


How are you importing it? Often is not a constructor errors are because of a faulty import which returns undefined