Flutter Integration


Hi All,

Any idea that how can I integrate meteor to the brand new Flutter?




I thought Flutter is just front-end framework and backend agonistic? so I assume you can use Socket/DDP, Rest or GraphQL.

But given how new it’s you’ll probably need to experiment with those integrations yourself.


Thank you, I was more thinking using CALL from Flutter to interact with a Meteor Service Online.


Sorry, but I’m not clear about what that means.

Yes, you can setup Meteor backend services “Online” but the “CALL” need to use some transfer protocol and the common ones are Rest, GraphQL, DDP and gRPC.

You might be referring to backend as service, then for that you might want to try something like Firebase.

I hope that helps.


I thought Meteor use only CALL with DDP protocol, however if it can use REST or GrahQL, it won’t be that hard to communicate with Flutter. I just need to find the proper way to do it.

Lately, I did one App on IOS, I use SwiftDDP, I did know that I could use others protocols to communicate with Meteor.

Thank you for your help.