Flutter OR ReactNative Mobile App with Meteor Backend?

I used Meteor for web applications.
Now I am a newbie for Mobile App.
Which one better Flutter OR ReactNative with Meteor Backend`.
Please advise???

If you are using REST APIs then it would not really make any difference both will call network APIs & get relevent data.

If you are using Publications & Subscriptions, then you have to use packages for both.

We have already deployed few of our Applications using REST APIs & there is no such issue with Meteor.

Thanks for your reply. which one that you used for Mobile App Flutter, ReactiveNative, .....?

We are using Flutter

@mixmatric, very thanks :sunny:

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if you already know react, use ReactNative. If not its a good time to learn react :wink:

@macrozone, Yes I know React and a newbie for Flutter.
But I would like to chose it for along time and smooth.

I use Expo (RN) for my mobile apps.

Highly recommend it.

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thanks for your recommend. I will try

@mvogt22, excuse me Which UI framework do you use for React Native?