Folder Structure in Project?

I was wondering how we can structure our folders in our project. I am new to meteor and I am a little confused on how we can have a folder for templates and stylesheets and still able to access the correct html files to show on the website.

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I didn’t understand if you ask recommended folder structure or how to get started with Meteor.

Did you read TODO App tutorial?
If not you have to.
With that tutorial you build your first Meteor app.

Without modules, it doesn’t matter. 90% of what you care for is specifying if the particular file should show up on the server, client or both.

With modules… it doesn’t matter, as you can access files lying anywhere, as long as you specify the route when you call the module.

For details, read

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That guide is exactly what I needed, I forgot they had one besides doc. Routing info and all that. Thanks a lot!

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Here is guide for Meteor 1.3 file and folder structure:

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<3 Thanks a lot! :smiley: