Followed MLAB -> Atlas Migration - Existing User Logins do not work in Atlas

I had to fall back to MLAB

I figured I’d do the migration, validate that all was well and be done.

Curiously, if I create a new user pointing at Atlas that user works. It’s just the migrated users that seem to have an issue.

Has anyone else experienced this? And if so what did you do to fix this?

If not anyone have any ideas?


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I think it was a connection string thing. It seems to want to work when I get the right db name in there. I am using the Atlas free tier for the application and they have db name ‘test’ versus the actual db name. Not sure what’s up with that sorta confusing.

Anyways - see Setting MONGO_URL not applying remote mongo connection to Atlas from local run for a good Atlas connect string example.

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In hind site I am having pretty good luck with the MLab to Atlas migration tool.

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Doing this process right now. Thanks for the “test” database ti, that was my problem. I’m curious why they assume “test” for the database name.

To clarify, this is about a database user right? Or the end user of the app?