Following the Meteor tutorial

I’m following the To Do list tutorial but I’m looking to push myself and build in some extra functionality to actually make it usable - unfortunately not sure where to start in terms of actually doing it so thought I’d post here and ask.

The first thing I’d like to do is make it so that the new task box is a multi-line box that expands so you can copy lists into, rather than just individual entries, and then when you hit enter it creates separate entries.

The second thing I’d like to do is make it so that when you hit enter it checks to see if there is an exact match on MongoDB already and perhaps prompts you before adding it to ask you if you still want to add it.

The third and final thing would be some sort of backup or export tool - although I realise this may be quite complex and may be out of reach for me as a beginner.

Any help would be appreciated.