[For Hire] Meteor Development team is available

Good Day!

We are a Meteor Development company. We started working in Meteor in 2017. We have completed 15+ projects, including developing an Open Source CMS.

If you are looking for a Meteor developer/Meteor development company/NodeJS/React development, please get in touch with us via DM or through our website Contact Us for Technical Assistance | Salesforce, Mobile App, and Web App Development


I feel like there is a bit too much advertising here. So … we have a say … can’t sell cucumber to good gardeners but very good luck anyway!
May I please know your Github handler. Would love to check on your contributions to the Meteor repository as a Meteor Development Company.


Here is our GitHub - Deligence Technologies Inc. - co-creating digital solutions · GitHub

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I agree @paulishca.

We are working on a new Terms of Use for the forum. The goal here is for community members to help each other, not for companies to try to sell their services.

There are some other topics or answers that wouldn’t fit. We won’t be removing them for now as we need to clarify these terms first so everyone is on the same page.

New terms are coming next week.


Thanks for the update @fredmaiaarantes. I’ll wait for the new terms of use. Also, if you think that this post is not appropriate, I can remove it now. Please suggest. Thanks.

I don’t agree. A good ecosystem needs companies who actively use the framework and thus should be visible. What’s wrong with them offering their services, if they don’t do it everyday? IMHO, Meteor suffers a lot from not being visible.


It’s ok for companies and developers to shill their services as long as they’re honest about their ties to the services/company and it’s not done obnoxiously or off topic. People need to find work with Meteor to continue using it.


The link to the “open source CMS” redirects to an IP address full of flashing images and chinese characters. (From the github linked)

Not a great first impression.

The problem I see is that there are individuals and … there are companies. Why a too few talented individuals push code constantly, commercial entities are here on the forum to just pick up business. It is a democratic forum, however, I feel those companies “specialized” and “Meteor Development Companies” should be the first to commit to the Meteor repo. I just don’t see them. I have a few packages myself and I really consider to re-license them to prevent such companies from exploiting my work. I, as a Meteor developer, I need to “force” those companies with those “Meteor experts” to contribute back to the Meteor culture and code. Open source is too often confused for “take”.


Let me first say that I support firms that have solid MeteorJS skills and projects based on MeteorJS to participate in the forums, and to publicize their expertise and services here. I think these are sorely needed to increase visibility to browsers who might need such services and not know where else to look.

I would encourage firms that are Meteor Software Partners to do so too. By cross-linking back to the partners’ page, it can add a bit more confidence.

What if you’re not a current partner? I think you have to work a little harder to gain some trust.

I noticed Deligence had a dedicated page on its website for MeteorJS, but I’m disappointed how boilerplate it is and how dated it seems.

Also, I see 3 repos related to MeteorJS on its website, but they are all more than 5 years old. MeteorJS has changed a lot since then. So it doesn’t inspire confidence.

On top of it, the link to the PanoplyCMS demo (which I was really looking forward to trying out and adding to Awesome Meteor) resolves to some Chinese porn.

That’s unexpected and not what I think this community or project wants associated with a post to the forums. No judgment on the content itself. If MeteorJS powers it and is a good example, that’s fine. But there should be a warning about what you’re about to see.

Share some recent MeteorJS code so we can see that you are what you claim to be – and I really want to support you being here, but you need to prove it. Otherwise, I think this thread should be removed.


Thanks @cereal Thanks for pointing it out. I have removed the link now.

Hi @alimgafar - Currently we are working on 2 Meteor Projects. Both are client projects and both are related to the Meteor version upgrade. I’ll share the URLs once the projects are live.

We worked a lot with Meteor from 2017 to 2020, and we were Meteor Prime Partners. Now we have started our focus again on Meteor.

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