For ionic-angular hybrid app in Windows10 Device(950XL) after latest update(version -10.0.14393.189), selectbox crashing the app

I am creating an Ionic with Angular based hybrid app for Android, iOS & Windows.The app has a functionality select dropdown which was working fine in all three platforms. Once my Windows10 device(950XL) updated to latest version -10.0.14393.189, its crashing the app on tapping on the select box. When I had the old version-10.0.14393.67, the app was working fine. I tested few cordova apps in the same device has the same issue on tapping on dropdown. Kindly help me out to sort this issue.

Well, since this is an Insider version you’re running and the problem did not exist in the last version of Insider, maybe you should report the problem to Microsoft instead?