For those who don't like or even hate JSX

I did some React learning today. Here’s the experiment to work with React without JSX hell:

So that you could write something in Livescript like:

render: ->
    _div do
      * _a { href: FlowRouter.path('/') }, 'Back'
    _div 'loading...'

Instead of:

getContent() {
  return <div>
    <a href={FlowRouter.path('/')}>Back</a>
render() {
  return ( this.getContent() : <div>loading...</div>;

This is naturally much more readable than JSX if you are used to Jade. Even better if you also use Coffeescript. Best if you use Livescript for it’s functional power.


This is great! The more options the better.

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or functional + coffee


Thanks for the link. Quite a few nice ideas to take away apart from the CS syntax.

There are very valid reasons to use LS over CS, but it’s up to personal research :smile:

Never heard of LS until that post. Big thanks, mate!

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