Forcing minification

Stopping minification has been discussed but I have the reverse problem. During development I have a development instance running at localhost tunneled to a public web address so clients can track progress.

It would be desirable to have this instance minified but I gather anything deployed to localhost is not minified. I tried --production but this didn’t seem to have any effect.

Any ideas??

I’m not too sure about running it minified, personally in this situation I’d simply run meteor build ./.build every time you feel its a step towards completion, then serve that build folder to the web for the client to track. Trust me you don’t want client’s seeing it when you get an error and it’s showing a crash message, developers understand, clients get scared.

You just run it in a 2nd terminal window, never having to stop meteor for your own work. If you’re on mac or linux: meteor build ./.build && cd .build && rm -rf bundle && tar xvzf codebase.tar.gz && cd bundle/programs/server && npm i && cd ../../ && ROOT_URL= node main.js. Not the cleanest way but its easy and works :). You could instead make a bash script or something to do the job.