Forget React... What about Om/Clojurescript/Clojure?

There is a tonne of talk about React vs Blaze lately.

I’m still learning JavaScript and reading a lot to make sure I’m investing my time wisely. Coming from someone just entering the world of programming, the Meteor community is definitely the most inviting. Having played around with the starters edition of Discover Meteor I am serious about following through with Meteor.

The only serious competitor I see for Meteor at this point in time is actually Clojure/Clojurescript / Om. As you are using similar syntax across the whole stack? Perhaps this space is where MDG should be watching more so than others?

Virtual DOM aside. It seems that highly functional programming with immutable data seems to be quite popular. I’m just wondering what the MDG and others think of this? I’m just looking for an open discussion around this as I believe it would be beneficial for others in the same boat as me and it could also create more informed decisions for future Meteor development.


On the business side, the problem with Clojure/Clojurescript/Om is we can’t get someone with this experience. for small learning curve, check out Mithril.

David Nolan, the creator of Om and a maintainer of Clojurescript would be best to reach out to IMO. He worked closely with the guys at React and works on the Javascript side of Clojure more than anyone else I would presume. It would be cool if the Meteor team contacted him to get some feedback/advice. I’m of the view that it never hurts to ask and if someone truly wants to make the programming world, world as a whole better than they will gladly set time aside for a high level conversation.

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Watching this I definitely think reaching out to David would be a great idea.

Just stumbled across this—I’m a friend of David’s; I recommend tweeting to him @swannodette

I’ve been following David and a lot of Clojure stuff. I would delete this thread now if I could as it shows up highly when searching Meteor and ClojureScript. From what I understand there is not much that can be done without changes to the actual JavaScript language.

David has little interest in Meteor and is heavily investing his time in Om.

You’re in luck! We actually did talk to him to get his take on things while doing initial research for our React integration.

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There is a new projects inspired by Om which takes a functional style approach with central immutable state architecture

Meteor + Om/Reagent would be a great stack to work with.