Form WebStorm To Atom for Meteor JS!

I would like to try atom from WebStorm.
Could you help me for atom packages that:

  • autocomplete (JS and Meteor Package)
  • code format (JS, HTML & CSS)
  • support ES2015 (Meteor 1.3)
  • balze template
  • check error (linter)
  • link to source (Ctrl + Click)

Please help me.

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@awatson1978 put together a great Atom resource at and lists several awesome pkgs to combine Meteor + Atom:

Atom Lint
Atom Beautify
Atom Handlebars
Atom Jshint
Atom Prettify
Autocomplete +
Bracket Matcher
File Types
Filetype Color
Grammar Selector
Language Spacebars
Meteor Api
Meteor Helper
Wrap Guide

Thanks for your help, But I have problem with

  • autocomplete
  • eslint

This is the specific linter I use:

What language/syntax are you looking for autocomplete for specifically? Spacebars? Or Meteor snippets? Both of those should be covered in Meteor API

autocomplete for Meteor and other package such as underscore, mathjs, ....
I tried to test Mantra of Meteor 1.3, it have problem with eslint.

Hey, as we commented on the GitHub, there is no issue in Mantra or Meteor 1.3.

Just do a ‘npm install’ inside your app. That’s will download all the NPM packages.

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but don’t work at all

Now it work fine (Unchecked: Use global ESLint installation), and then update .eslintrc

"linebreak-style": [2, "windows"],

Thanks for all helping.