Format date Collection2

Hey guys.

Is there any way to format the date for Collection2 when setting New Date()?

The result is: Fri Feb 12 2016 00:27:04 GMT+0100 (Rom)

I only want: 12. February 00:27

Have you looked at the momentjs:moment package?
I tend to use it in all my UI helpers to format time.

My account have reached the maximum number of replys, so i’ve created a new.

I actually haven’t looked at it, but i will. Thank you!

With this package, can i formate the date in my schema or should it be used after to format the dates shown @hanskohls?

I actually tend to store unix timestamps as they are easy to index. They are simple integers representing seconds since 1970.

I then do all my formatting in UI Helpers, which means I can reuse them.

Can you show me how?

In my Collection2 i have the following:

createdAt: {
       type: Date,
       label: "Created At",
       autoValue: function() {
           return new Date()
       autoform: {
           type: "hidden"

Then you create a Helpers. Just like Template.Post.Helpers({ }). What do i then add into this?