🤶 Forum Suggestions - default page "Categories", "Announcements" category for meteor release updates

Hi, is this the official Meteor Wish-Box? :smiley:

What I wish for the forums for this christmas:

  • a) make the “Categories” page the default homepage instead of “Latest”. Because if I don’t look at “latest” for two days I can be sure that I missed two major updates relevant to me because it’s already in the 7th spot on the “latest” page. On the Categories page it’s easier to see which Categories have new posts, updates and “Buzz”
  • b) Add a category “announcements” or somesuch where new releases, beta releases etc. are announced for easy follow-up. For example, I think there’s already meteor 2.14 relase rc 4 or something, which would be highly relevant for me, but all of these RCs have passed me by…

What are your christmas wishes for the forums? What could we do to make them more comfy for the christmas days?

:snowman: :maté: :christmas_tree: Merry pre-christmas everyone!

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There is already a cetgory for “Announcements” so there might be rather a category “releases” or something. I would also vote to add a category “migration” as this topic is such a core issue the next months that it might be better so separate migration topics from other help-related topics

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Good point re: announcements - I checked 3 times and didn’t see it :slight_smile:

Some of these categories seem really stale & I feel there could be a re-evaluation of the categories going forward…

I prefer the current default.

There is an easy fix if you like the categories to be the default: bookmark. Then in browsers, visit it multiple times and the browser will learn to auto-suggest the url

There is a way to change your home page in your user preferences. :slight_smile:

Just navigate to your user profile and select the ‘Interface’ tab. From there, you can change your default home page. You can also access it using this URL (replace it with your Forum username): https://forums.meteor.com/u/YOUR_USERNAME/preferences/interface. I added an image at the end of my reply.

Regarding the categories, I like the idea of having a “releases” and “migration” category. Perhaps “v3 migration”? Which categories do you think we should remove or mute?

User Preferences

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Maybe there could a sub-category under announcements that would be Meteor Releases so it will be easier to find and it will be restricted to post by the core team.

I have seen that releases sub-category has been added under announcements category. Hence this is resolved for now.