My latest meteor app


This all started because I was trying to help my dad get a project off the ground from scratch using the latest versions of Meteor. Up until now I hadn’t adopted any of the new features (modules/imports etc…). This meant that I couldn’t even start a vanilla React project without following the guide step by step. Pretty embarrassing to say the least. Until then I had always copied my boiler plate code and got projects off the ground pretty quickly using the old lazy load & fully global structure…

Anyway, I sat down and got my head around all the new stuff. This is where I have gotten.

I also never used git or github before - another learning experience. Although I am using the OSX GUI and not command line. So I would love some constructive criticism if I am doing anything wrong here…

The app itself is very niche and I don’t expect people to be too interested in the actual app. It is a scoring app for the card game 400.

Github Source

If you’re wondering, app & mongo hosted on nodechef