Free Hosting - Problems right now

I’m having trouble accessing my sited deployed on * (free hosting). Anyone else having trouble right now?

I’m getting the error in my logs:

ERROR Application crashed with code: 8

I’ve tried to redeploy the one app I want to get to. This is the first time I’ve had trouble with it. I was able to get to the site yesterday and it’s been deployed since last Monday. Any ideas?

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Yeah, same here for me.

Hosting is having problems:

@sashko It may be worth pinning this message in the forum so people looking for help with this know where to get a conclusive answer from MDG.

Good to know. I’m trying to show an app to a client, and I usually use Meteor’s free hosting before using MUP to go to a permanent location…not a good day. Oh well, thank god for localhost and screencasts.

Note that this is now covered on

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