Free web development from students learning Meteor. Non-profits only

Hello Everyone,

I am teaching my students how to program with Meteor, they are about to start building real projects. I have decided to have them build a web app for a non-profit as their class project. They have a month to finish it. Let me know if you know of a good non-profit that could use this opportunity.

Email me at moneer@devschool dot io


Hello Moneer,

I am a volunteer, working on a project for the BlissSymbolics Language. A non-profit based in Sweden. The symbolic language itself is fascinating, in my opinion. I have been working on the project since August 2015 and concentrating on a hopefully intuitive / easy to learn categorization scheme for the core 3,500 or so symbols, and the interface to work with these symbols which one might think of as a sort of virtual keyboard. Nothing else has been done. There’s no log-in, now about, nothing except the code allow the selection of, and building of “symbolic words”.

The 5-6 week old Dart version is up on a Linode and may be seen at: (

There are also technical projects for the input which might be done stand-alone by the students then incorporated into the program at a later date. For example, as this project is aimed primarily at teaching Arabic speakers a Germanic language text-to-speech will be most helpful.


George Koller