[FREELANCE] 6 Month - Sr Full Stack Developer Belgium

Hi All,

I’m looking for a Sr Full Stack Developer in Belgium for a urgent mission!

My Client is looking for an engineer to work on their cloud-based product that provided interactive features as well as cloud audio/video streaming services for teachers and students, which can dynamically be switched between lectures. Wrt technology, our back end application is a cloud platform based on Meteor and Mongo DB, our front end application is an interactive HTML5 application using AngularJS (component-based) and Meteor frameworks. This project requires changes in many aspects of the software stack (both interactivity features as well as video streaming as well as infrastructure).


  • have at least 5 years of in-depth experience with frameworks such as NodeJS and web programming languages and technologies such as Javascript, HTML5, CSS
  • have strong knowledge on test development and automation frameworks
  • Knowlage with Meteor and with cloud deployment on major infrastructure suppliers (Docker, AWS, Azure)
  • Have development experience in complex products in a real cloud context, not just front-end pages
  • Have knowledge about audio / video / webRTC if any
  • Have knowledge about IP networks if any…
  • are fully conversational in English

If any engineers could be interested or know someone i’d be grateful if you could point them in my direction?

My email is sam.wiltshire@paratuspeople.com


hello Sam,

is remote an option?


Hi Amanda,

unforuantely Fully remote isnt a option, some remote is but it would ideally the engineer would need to be based in France/Belgium for this particular mission.

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This project requires changes in many aspects of the software stack (both interactivity features as well as video streaming as well as infrastructure).

This is a bit vague compared to the list of required knowledge and skills below. Experienced engineers (and freelancers especially) like to know what they sign up for.

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Hi Jkuester,

Thanks for coming back to me, Ultiamtely my client are working / altering a platform which is being used be school and universitys so the changes would be to do with the Video and interactive part of the system.

Does this help ?

Is Angular a keeper? :see_no_evil:

I’m slightly confused by what you mean? If I understand right you mean is angularjs a must? I can find out more tomorrow for you.

It may be a must however because of the project not being a greenfield project

Yeah, probably. I’d be interested if it was React, but for Angular I think you will have a harder time finding someone.

That’s not the news I wanted to here :joy:

Let me find out if react engineers would be considered! Are you based in Belgium :belgium: yourself?

Yes, Ghent. But to be clear, I’m not really interested myself if it’s an Angular codebase, sorry!

i am looking for this job, how can i apply for this, if i got selected for same, it will helpfull for me

You could send me w copy of your CV to Sam.wiltshire@paratuspeople.com

Thank you so much for the reply. Will send it asap.


This seems to be for the project I’ve been working on. The frontend code is actually angularjs (1), so we are actively looking to our options for the future. React is the most likely candidate. I’ve made some POC’s of react components in angular components and vice-versa in our codebase. But due to a very tight roadmap it’s unclear when we’ll go for the transition.