Freewrite - first app launched!

Hi all!

I just launched - which is my first web app that I’ve ever launched. It’s built in Meteor and it has been a very fun journey going from being a total beginner to Meteor and javascript web development.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.


I liked it the moment I saw Carl Jung, Alan Watts, Dali and Nietzsche on the homepage! Well done!

Incidentally, I’m training as a Jungian Analyst and was listening to :slight_smile:

Ha! Synchronicity :slight_smile:. Thank you for your kind words!

Love this! congrats! If I may ask, did you use Blaze or React as the view layer ? The overall design is sleek, although I find it a bit difficult to read the dark header text.

Looks great! Congratulation.
As I am a beginner as well what learning path and resources would you recomend?

Thank you! I used Blaze, for the simplicity and I’m also using some packages that are based on Blaze. Yeah, I’ll make sure to change that header text to something more readable!

Thanks! I started with going through one or two tutorials, I did Discover Meteor (not sure if it’s still very up to date though), before just started working on my project. I can really recommend having something to build - it’ll make your learning easier in terms of knowing what to figure out next. When building something, Google is your best friend, along with Stack Overflow and above all The Meteor Chef (, they have great tutorials and a great Slack channel with friendly people willing to help you out! Good luck :slight_smile: and let me know if I can help!

Thank you very much.

Great, simple idea. Lot’s of fun!

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