Fresh Meteor install, unable to create new app [win10]

Hi all,

Having not used Meteor for a while, seeing the latest update v2.2 I returned to see what has changed. Previously I had installed Meteor either via the installer or Chocolatey. So I removed my old installation (Including the ‘.meteor’ folder in the ‘local’ folder) to install fresh via npm.

[Note: Having tested, I should this error occurs on each different installation method]

Unfortunately, I am unable to use Meteor or create a new Meteor app. When I called > meteor create app or similar, the software creates the folder structure for the app:

But hits a RangeError during the process of creating the app:

The error prompts to use > node --trace-uncaught ... to show where the exception was throw. So I track down where node is called to insert the trace. I find it [for me] at the following path:

I change the end of file to add in '--trace-uncaught' like so:

"%~dp0\dev_bundle\bin\node.exe" ^
  --trace-uncaught ^
  --no-wasm-code-gc ^
  "%~dp0\tools\index.js" %*


I then run the create command again for another new app > meteor create app2, which now displays this error message:

The same range error occurs if I try to run ‘meteor’ from the command prompt within the app folder.

Is there something I could do further to find more information out about the error, or has anyone encountered this error and overcome it?

Thanks in advanced.