From Blaze to React: How to Migrate the Melon Portal

Hi guys

I wrote an article about our strategy of migrating from Blaze to React:

It could maybe help or inspire others that have a similar task at hand. I’m also happy to discuss the strategies with you.




Wow this is great!

I just migrated from meteor 1.3 to meteor 1.5 and next I’m looking to migrate from blaze to react.

I will absolutely read your article, I may reach out to you on advice/help.

Thank you for sharing.

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Are you guys going to rewrite screen-by-screen, and therefore at some point have React and Blaze running side-by-side? If so, how are you going to handle that code-wise?

Very nice. In the exact same boat. Blaze and Meteor 1.2… this is a great base for starting a move to React and Meteor 1.5. Thanks for publishing.

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The idea is basically to create a component based software architecture according to the Atomic Design principles. And then slowly but surely integrate these components into the existing Blaze views (you can run them side by side) until there is no Blaze left.