Front end frustrations - adding a simple custom dropdown

I originally posted this question on stackoverflow, but I was wondering if I could get thoughts from the Meteor community regarding this as well:

I want to put a simple dropdown in my application. I’ve done this before using bootstrap (several years ago), but this application has its own custom design. I’d like to add something that can be easily re-used and customized for different parts of the app.

I’ve been doing research on different options, and it seems like there are now a whole mess of options - bootstrap, foundation, semantic-ui, ionic, react, and others. The problem is, most of these don’t appear to be easily customized (bootstrap), or require a lot of upfront investment in learning the framework (react). I’m using meteor.js as my development framework.

Can anyone recommend a good option for installing a simple dropdown that:

  1. is re-useable and easily implemented
  2. easily customizeable using basic css
  3. doesn’t require a significant learning investment or add lots of overhead to my project

Many thanks!

seems that

<input type="select">

have all of these.

Regarding the more advanced solution, you need to provide more info what exactly it needs to know.
But most of the time people would want select2, which is integrated with autoform.
Or some kind of typeahead.

If you want something really custom, you can create your own blaze component.