Frontend Dev (Blaze) needed for ad-hoc solution (remote)

I’m looking for someone who can help me with two sorts of problems (as I need to focus on backend work, CS etc.):

a) fix errors in the frontend code base or in the exchange between frontend and backend - urgency middle to high

b) change or add UI elements in Blaze to the existing frontend code base - urgency is low to middle

Work is 100% remote and can be done as a side project or on top of an existing full-time job (if that’s ok with you).

Current work that needs to be done (in this order):

  1. identify changes to the UX of a 3rd party website and change our API calls to restore features (currently broken due to UX changes)
  2. add 1-2 new modals for an existing workflow
  3. create a new complex multistep workflow by reusing components from the current, simple workflow and remove obsolete code

Please send your email with your relevant resume, links to previous work/screenshots/etc and your per hour rate in USD to my email address

For more information on the app itself please head over to

Thank you!

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