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Hi dears!

I would like to present my first meteor app:


It’s intended for organizing sports events. It currently supports 4 sports (football,
tennis, basketball and volleyball) but we will add more in the near future.

The app took us 5 months of hard work and we would love to get some
feedback from you! Critics, suggestions and bug reports are always welcomed.

Feel free to log in and create some matches here and there…

Thanks for your time and hope you like the app!



I speak spanish and change the language to spanish, reload and got in english, that’s not cool, :'C

I really love the page, but I’m most fanatical of individual sports such as ping pong or e-sports


I @cottz, thanks for the observation and for you comment! I’ll put a cookie for that :slight_smile:

If you are logged in, the language is kept in the database when you change it, but as you pointed out, I forgot doing it for not-logged in users!