Full-app tests not detected in imports folder

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Seems like *.app-test.js full-app tests are not visible if put into the imports folder. Maybe that makes sense by generally I prefer keeping my test files close to what they are testing. And because almost all the code resides in ‘imports’, I would prefer putting my tests there.

Is there a recommended best practice as to the location of full-app tests?


They should be - take a look at the Guide’s reference app todos for a working example. Specifically, take a look at the router tests located in imports/startup/client/routes.app-test.js.

Maybe with practicalmeteor:mocha… but not with dispatch:mocha or dispatch:mocha-phantomjs.

And as I’m running a CI pipeline, I need a driver that can auto-start the test run.

Interesting - I tried dispatch:mocha-phantomjs with the todos app as well, and same problem. Looks like a bug to me; maybe open a dispatch:mocha-phantomjs issue with a small repro.

I’ve opened an issue and added in a repro.

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I just ran into the same problem after upgrading from meteor (and all related packages) from 1.3.1 to

As a workaround, I have put my app-spec files under /server for now.

Quick follow up - this was an issue with Meteor itself and has now been fixed in devel. Hopefully it will be released soon (thanks @ramijarrar).

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It’s really frustrating that we still don’t have a patch release for this. It would be great if you guys could add your support on meteor#6831 or meteor#6901.