Full encryption in meteor

Hello everyone,
I found this article about encrypting data with Meteor: https://medium.com/@PhilippSpo/client-side-encryption-in-meteor-3ae982e557a8

I would like to know if there are updated packages for encryption on Meteor 1.6 and if anyone had to build a fully encrypted application on Meteor before?

It’s wishful thinking. You’d have to pass the encryption key somehow, so a single MitM attack will defeat the whole app’s encryption. Just use HTTPS and encrypt data at rest in the database.

Well, you could do that by using asymmetrical encryption.

Which is, however, what HTTPS already does. So, yeah, don’t bother.

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I was thinking of an app like whatsapp.
The thing is that I would like to know how to encrypt data on the server so I cannot read it, only the authorized users can.

Asymmetrical encryption. You’ll have to think of a way to create, exchange and secure public/private keys.