Full handsontable component example in Meteor

We’ve seen samples of parts of code but no complete example. Does anyone know of a complete code
sample of using handsontable in a Meteor app with the formulas enabled that doesn’t run painfully slow?

Thank you in advance for any example.

I spent about a week working out concepts and tools I needed for my web app, and one of those tools was Handsontable. I found that moving out as much logic from the table was the only way Handsontable wouldn’t slow down to the point of being unusable. The way I found that worked best was creating a Meteor Method that I called in the Handsontable afterChange function in an onRendered helper (or similar ViewModel). Something like this:

  afterChange: function (change, source) {
          if (source !== "loadData") {
            Meteor.call('updateTable', change, source, dataToLoad, function(err) {
              if(err) {
                return console.log("An error in the afterChange method");
              } else {
                console.log("afterChange method called");

Where dataToLoad is my database query I use Tracker with, otherwise the table wouldn’t update with the calculated values from my Meteor method.

Thanks for the response but we’re needing a complete example, not just a snippet.