Fully offline mobile app


Is meteor a choice for building a fully offline mobile app like a camera or stop watch, it would be more complicated but just to give you an idea.
So there wouldn’t be any server, accounts and we plan just on using local storage.
My next choice would be ionic but im loving meteor so much that I want to use it for everything :wink:


I’ve built an app for Android (mostly consisting of open layers 3 (private map)), and it works great. I used ground:db to store data offline (I haven’t tested the app that much, but it seems to work without problem).

I actually make use of an internet connection in it, but that’s only for a couple of seconds to fetch some updated data from a non-meteor server.


You can use Meteor for this, just use ground:db for storage and build with a fake (or .meteor.com) server. There’s no error when the app can’t reach the server.