Funding platform for development?

Hello everyone!

After spending a few hours on this I though that it will be faster to crowdsource this. I’m looking for a way that we could provide Incentives for people to work on community packages. One such thing would be providing monetary rewards for completing issues ala bug bounties, but with the option for multiple people to be able to pitch in. Sadly I haven’t found anything as most things are overshadowed by the flashy bug bounty programs from the big companies.

The only thing that I found was this GitHub plugin:

There is also Algora, but I found it lacking in that only the company owning the product can add bounties on issues.

So, now I would like to inquire here, do you know of some nice platform or something where people can pool together to add money as a reward for developer completing a task (doesn’t have to be connected to GitHub, but that would be a plus).

My 2 cents: Take a look at Railway template bounty program.

It seems to be working for them. Links:

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Looked at it, but they don’t seem to be using any system. Just a spreadsheet and then they solicit bank account details from developer to send the money afterwards? Not to mention that like Algora it is just a grant from the company and others don’t seem to be able to join in.
For MCP we need something where multiple parties can come together, put a bid on an issue and once approved by maintainer (and merged) the developer gets payed out.

We could do it also via spreadsheet as well, but that could become a lot of manual work.
I would prefer to use some nice solution, if there isn’t then we might need to build something.