Future of Blaze

Hello ,
I was wondering about the future of Blaze Engine,
could it be deprecated in the coming versions of meteor ?
if yes , can i still stick to an old version of meteor to keep on use the blaze ? Or will I be forced to move on with the newer updates/changes ?
i am really worried about this issue, I have been using blaze for almost two years in building a huge app and migrations would be a nightmare to shift everything
hope one of the expert guys here could clarify or remove all doubts i am thinking about

I am also concerned about it for my app. I think it depending on community maintenance…

It has the same future as Iron Router. Some people didn’t want to accept its death, told that community will maintain it, etc.

But at the end of the day we all know the result.

We saying that React and JSX is the one and only future of meteor and blaze is not? I kinda get that already but was hoping nobody woid notice me. It is a shame because whereas I like the JSX component bits I also really really don’t. So ‘Use JSX or no meteor’ will simply mean no meteor for me because I just cannot get on with JSX at all.

What a waste of three years! :confused:

I always hated that router anyways.


Not entirely true. Here is what is happening, corporate customers prefer often to use React as it is large-team friendly. Many (in fact most) of us still use Blaze.

Blaze will be taken over by the community very soon which will speed up its updates (and there aren’t many, it’s very mature). Also, React for Meteor is still not a first-class citizen like Blaze, so there are still some rough edges. Finally, know that the community is also contributing to React. MDG is focusing now on the data layer (Apollo). So truth is, the community will be shouldering most of the UI piece.

We are using Blaze and are very comfortable.

And use FlowRouter not IronRouter, IronRouter is dead.

Yeah I don’t really know what is going on with it all. Glad to hear. I’m quite happy with Blaze and not using React but it is the corporate bit. I’m just doing my own thing at the moment.