Future of blaze?

So I don’t want to learn React, am I good to go with Blaze for the next few years?


Now I move to Vue JS!

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not an issue but if you want to keep building your house with grass and clay that’s not an issue but if you want to move to something better that’s the time to learn it!

learn from the code not tutorials!! (they’re boring)

it seems like there’s a lot of existing code using Blaze so it’s probably not going anywhere any time soon. at the same time it’s slowly stagnating so it’s not going to be improving.

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It should be stagnating . What’s MDG doing . Everybody must use react ?

There’re bunch of packages that give it sugar, but it is still backwards if you look at the issues. There’s a list of them ssugar packages in https://github.com/peerlibrary/meteor-blaze-components#related-projects/.

If you’re a startup, you should not use React (reflecting on the BSD + patents license)…That is, if you ever hope to be acquired by a larger company. What’s currently happening in the Open Source community is disheartening. Especially when you realise that many startups and businesses exist thanks to Open Source; as they wouldn’t be viable if they had to pay the prohibitive license fees of proprietary software.

Open Source is about creating communities to build better software together. It should never be used as a marketplace to exchange people’s rights — like Facebook is intending.

Facebook is pushing a licensing model called “BSD + patents” in all their projects, including the wildly popular React.

"BSD + patents” essentially means that the code is open (for everyone to see and use), but it’s always copyrighted by Facebook. And they grant you a patent license as long as you’re nice to them by never suing Facebook for patent infringement.

The instant you sue Facebook, your patent rights for React — and any other Facebook ‘open source’ technology you happen to use) — are automatically revoked.

So my advice for anyone is to use VueJS, until Facebook gets their message right. Open source built Facebook and this is how they’re paying back.


I couldn’t be happier with my move from Blaze to Vue. Not only is my app no longer chugging on DOM changes (especially on mobile), Vue is far more mature in terms of features. The ecosystem is excellent too, and will only continue to grow. I’d say it’s just as easy to learn as Blaze, easier than React from what I’ve heard, and no Facebook :slightly_smiling_face:


Facebook and MDG share the same investors. My bet is that MDG’s exit strategy is to be acquired by Facebook, to be a dead easy backend for React apps (also think Apollo, basically GraphQL, made by…Facebook).

Hence the focus on tight integration with Facebook tech.

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Nah, rumour has it Facebook is having hosting problems and is really after Galaxy … :slight_smile:


Perhaps the future depends from the licenses… Blaze has MIT right?


“Soon we will have Blaze on npm so you can use it in your stack.” so I guess some people still working on it

not problems yet with Blaze for two years , just that I see React everywhere and am afraid.


Still using Blaze without issues. The only thing that’s causing issues for me on Blaze is performance & child / parent templates. Performance would be better moving on to Vue and passing data between parent / child templates and such would be improved. But yeah, Blaze is still quite useable, however haven’t really been improved for quite long time anymore.


What do you mean with improving passing data between parent and child templates? What’s missing from below?

<template name="parent">
   {{> child propOne=1 propTwo=twoVariable }}

   {{> anotherChild anotherChildProps }}
  anotherChildProps() {
    return {
      propThree: 3,
      onClick: (clickValue) => alert(`clicked ${clickValue}`);

So my quick response to the original question. If you are a seasoned programmer and work for large corporations like myself. Then the term legacy will haunt you. If you ever had to deal with legacy code and most likely have to rewrite legacy code into another language. Then you know the headaches that come along with this.

If Blaze is maintained by MDG then great, if not ( which i don’t think it really is) then your code will become legacy at some point in time and you will be forced to rewrite.

If you’re serious about your app and it will exist for years to come in production, don’t use blaze. Switch to a frontend framework which is maintained. If this is just a hobby to test the framework then go ahead use blaze, but if you are truly trying to create something for the masses start learning another framework. My recommendation: learn one of the other big frameworks React, Angular 4, Vue. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sad, but true.

Just at this very moment, I am coding some Blaze templates and just love their simplicity. But most new stuff will be based on React, as this is where the flock of sheep currently goes.

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So sad ,so sad ,so saaaad

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Mobile and Animation
Blaze will cater to the needs of the mobile web, including enhanced performance and patterns for touch and other mobile interaction.
We’ll also improve the ease with which developers can integrate animated transitions into their apps.

I give up .React all the way!

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Probably a good decision. Although I love Blaze.

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