FYI Mongo Atlas - MongoDB 6.0

As received:

Hi Paul,

Your M0/M2/M5 Atlas cluster(s) will be automatically upgraded to MongoDB 6.0 in March 2023.

What’s in the update?

MongoDB 6.0 introduces new features and improvements such as:

What do I need to do?

To ensure a seamless transition, we recommend updating your driver version to ensure continued compatibility with your applications. Visit our Docs to see which driver versions are compatible with 6.0 and download the latest version.

While most upgrades do not require any application changes, we recommend that you test your applications against MongoDB version 6.0.

Not ready?

You can upgrade to a dedicated Atlas cluster for more flexibility and control over when major version updates and maintenance are performed, as well as gain access to premium features like point-in-time restore capabilities, automated data archival, schema recommendations, unrestricted Atlas search indexes and more.


As Meteor is already using MongoDB Node.js 4.12 driver so we are good to go.

Edited as I got the wrong version. I got the version of MongoDB instead of the Node.js driver.

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But wait, MongoDB 6.0 is compatible with drivers starting from 3.1. Sure, new features coming in MongoDB 6.0 are not supported, but the app should work. As long as the oplog didn’t change again, of course.

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Hey @radekmie, I edited my message as I got the wrong version :frowning:

But the Node.js driver is only compatible with MongoDB 6.0 starting from the version 4.8.

What is not a problem for apps running latest Meteor as Meteor is using 4.12 already.

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Do read the fine print please :stuck_out_tongue:

✓ All features are supported.
The Driver version will work with the MongoDB version, but not all new MongoDB features are supported.
No mark The Driver version is not tested with the MongoDB version.

(Emphasis mine.)

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Hm ok, I thought you were referring to the MongoDB 6 as a whole and not only being compatible with old features. Got it.

So can I safely assume that my Meteor 2.6.1 app (mongo driver 4.3.1) will work?

Yep, it should be all good.