Galaxy : add packages (like imagemagick)


There are available packages when you start a galaxy container (like wget, imagemagick…)

How do we add other packages to galaxy ? In my case, I’d like to add ffmpeg and various encoding libraries like libmp3lame and libx264.

The binaries in private would do the trick ? Would they be available globally ?


I’m also in this situation so please forgive me if I pump this post up. Will Galaxy support ffmpeg ?


You cannot do that.

A Galaxy container is a temporary object. The only thing you can write to is /tmp

So you can upload and put some files there sure. But when you restart or upload a new meteor project, it’ll get wiped. That /tmp is only 500mb too.

You cannot install custom libs on Galaxy. You can’t ssh in to the VM to do things. Galaxy is a fire-and-forget for dummies type thing. Great service, but you’ll need to save the day.

Or - you’ll need to custom host.


FYI Galaxy includes this