Galaxy and Apollo


Hi, guys…
Maybe it’s stupid question, but can I host my app on Galaxy, if I’m using express with apollo-server-express?
Or only pure Meteor backend?


as long as it’s a meteor app, you should be good. It doesn’t matter what rest api you have setup.

I host my meteor apps there, which have a apollo-server-express back-end


Thank you very much!
I had some doubts…


I asked about this on the Apollo Slack:

Can Galaxy host an app that uses websockets for Apollo subscriptions?

@sashko replied:

@vikr definitely!

So it’s good. :slight_smile:


I read this one:

Third, the reason the official Apollo docs advise against using PubSub in production is because it doesn’t scale to multiple servers. If you’re large enough that you need to run your app on multiple servers, you should use a PubSub implementation that supports it, like Redis, MQTT, or RabbitMQ.

I can use PubSub on Galaxy with multiple servers???!


@none I believe this is referring to the generic pubsub you can import from graphql-subscriptions. This is not to be used in production, as noted in the the quote you provide. For production use on mutiple servers, it is advised to use the pubsub from Redis, MQTT, or RabbitMQ with Apollo/Galaxy.