Galaxy Auto Scaling

I see in the galaxy console that it is easy enough to scale your app by simply adding a new container, but are there plans for dynamic/auto scaling? Something similar to the way that AWS does things maybe?


Galaxy doesn’t autoscale yet, but I’m sure it’s coming. I read an interview with @debergalis somewhere a while back that said they were looking into it (I can’t find the source unfortunately).

How does Galaxy achieve it’s scaling “behind the scenes” with AWS? Does anyone know how they’re actually working this out - what AWS tools?

I ask because I’m interested in doing it myself (but probably not) AND just out of curiosity because for the longest time on this forum (and everywhere else) everyone said AWS couldn’t support sticky sessions and websocket at the same time? The general sense was that horiztonal scaling was limited/impossible on AWS for some reason.

You might find the presentation @debergalis made at “AWS re:Invent 2015” helpful. He talks a lot about Galaxy specifically and how/what they’re leveraging from AWS.

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I asked support last week, they say is not on they road map as for today…
For me, this is unacceptable, my system varies from a few hundreds to thousands of connections during day/night, week/weekend, I’m either wasting hundreds of dollars per month, or bad UX when the resources are not enough.
I’ll give a try to, so far tested it on a small project, autoscaling works like a charm. (see meteor-now for more details)


For anybody hitting this thread looking for a Galaxy Auto-Scaling solution, I’ve released avariodev:galaxy-autoscale which is working well for my current setup.

The announcement post with more info is here.