Galaxy: Bigger container size or more containers?

Hello all!

I need to scale up my app on Galaxy a bit.
Should I increase the container size or add more containers?


It really depends on the traffic you’re seeing, and your business requirements. Do you need more CPU/RAM? (check the Galaxy performance graphs in the admin to see if you do) If so look into scaling up your container size to start with. If you’ve reached the container size limit and need more, or if you want to make sure you’ve ticked the high availability box, look into adding more containers. Cool Galaxy high availability fact (quoting from MDG):

Deploy your app using 3 or more Standard-sized (or larger) containers, Galaxy will automatically run your containers in different availability zones to ensure maximum resilience to AWS instability or outages.


Thanks hwillson! That’s the simple information I was looking for.

Same issue here. I’m not quite sure what to scale up first, my assumption would be vertical (better container) when your app’s big and RAM-consuming and more containers if big waves of visitors hit your app. Only thing I’m not certain of is when it is best to scale up your container size. So far, when an app hits +60%, I scale up, but I’m not entirely sure it’s what I’m supposed to do. I don’t have any major app on galaxy yet but am planning to move our main app on it soon.
Any advice or experience so far?

The Scaling section of the Galaxy docs might help.