Galaxy: Cannot Deploy to EU Region [solved]


I tried uploading an app to the EU Region and get the following message

Talking to Galaxy servers at Error deploying application: Your account is not authorized to deploy to Galaxy.

I uploaded several apps to US region before and it worked fine.

When I visit it says I do not have Galaxy…but if I try to sign up it says my account already has galaxy (which it does)

Everything works fine when I visit:

Using meteor whoami also shows that I am logged in with the correct user

Any help is appreciated!


Have you checked the solution here:


Im not sure this is the same issue.

For one when I logon to it just says I need to ‘Get Galaxy’

Also the error in the thread just says ‘Internal error’

I am wondering if this has to do with the fact the EU containers cost more per hour, so I need to change my plan somehow?


Sounds possible - I suggest you raise a Galaxy support ticket.